gPodder is very lightweight and doesn't have exotic dependencies. In almost every proper Linux distribution, there exist a package for the following dependencies. Package names in bold are the names of the packages in Debian.

  • python (Python 2.4 or newer)
  • python-gtk2 (PyGTK >= 2.6 works, but >= 2.12 recommended)
  • python-glade2 (same as above)
  • python-feedparser (see

iPod support

iPod synchronization support is optional, and if the required packages are not found, gPodder will disable iPod synchronization features. To enable the synchronization support, please be sure to install the following additional packages:

  • python-gpod
  • One of these MP3 libraries:
    • python-pymad (preferred)
    • python-eyed3
  • Optional packages (iPod synchronization works without them):
    • mplayer (for video and audio podcasts, recommended)

MP3/OGG tag update support

Tag writing support is optional and can only be used if the required packages are installed. If you install these packages, you can enable tag updating in gPodder's preferences dialog. This will write the episode title and channel information to the audio file's tag.

  • python-eyed3 for MP3
  • vorbis-tools for OGG

OGG-to-iPod synchronization

To synchronize OGG podcasts to your iPod, you need to install the necessary tools for gPodder to convert the OGG files to MP3 files suitable for playback of the iPod's firmware.

  • oggdec for decoding OGG files
  • lame for encoding MP3 files

BitTorrent download support

If you want to have BitTorrent support in gPodder, you have to install gnome-btdownload (website) and use it to directly download torrents in gPodder. Alternatively, you can configure gPodder to simply save the .torrent files in a download folder on your harddisk from where monitoring BitTorrent clients (e.g. Azureus) can pick up the torrents and automatically start the downloads.

  • gnome-btdownload for direct downloading
  • other clients that support monitoring a download folder also work (e.g. Azureus)

Bluetooth file transfer support

Starting with gPodder 0.11.0, you can now send files via Bluetooth to your Bluetooth-enabled devices like mobile phones or Nokia Internet Tablets.

  • python-bluez (recommended) or hcitool (in bluez-utils)
  • gnome-obex-send (for the file send operation; in gnome-bluetooth)

Build dependencies

To build gPodder from source, you need to have the following additional tools:

Debian developers will most likely find these packages useful, too:

  • devscripts
  • debhelper
  • fakeroot
changed February 25, 2008